Been wanting one of these cameras for a while and decided to get one when I recently found out the company in China had stopped making them.  If you haven't heard of them before, a Holga camera is a basic as you can get considering its a modern camera.  Including the lens, most of the camera is made of plastic, has four fixed focus settings and three shutter speeds.  

If you want to learn more about these cool cameras take a look at the video below taken from the Art of Photography You Tube Channel. 

12 shots taken on 120 film - 6x6cm format.  There were a few duds but these are the more interesting shots.

All images Copyright - David Rice

David is a photographer based in Carmarthenshire, West Wales.  When not with his family, he enjoys capturing images of the beautiful Towy valley.  His work can be seen at and on Facebook - or a regular tweeter on twitter @caerwynt_loops.  He can be contacted by email with any questions.