What have I become?

I'm having to ask myself a few serious questions at the moment. What have I become?

Here is the evidence...

  •   Beard (if you can call it that)
  •   Love of Vinyl and HiFi separates
  •   New Ray Bands sun glasses
  •   Growing Film Camera collection
  •   Film in the Fridge
  •   New found love of Instagram

Does this in anyway mean I've become a errr...a hipster?  One thing on my side is that I remember most of these things the first time around, including the beards of the 70's.  Also, in my defence there is no way my legs would even get close to fitting into skinny jeans and vegetarian food is definitely off the agenda.

Ricoh GR1v on Kodak Tri-X 400

A while back, I swapped a fishing rod for a friends Ricoh GR1V.  This camera is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  The camera made famous by Diado Moriyama as out and out street togging camera has a fantastic tiny lens - sharp as most.  The real advantage is that this camera appears by today standards, as a bit of a toy which most people take little interest in.  I have been itching to develop the first film shot in this camera, and to be honest I was a bit naughty and didn't bother to use up the full 36 exposures of film available - that keen to take a peep.

The first three shots were taken at this years Royal Welsh show.  I am pleasantly surprised to how sharp this lens is and steady it is to shoot even at slow shutter speeds of about 1/30th sec.

Wise eyes judge the entries

The "beauty" queens

Pigeon Pageant

These next few shots are taken inside and out of the lovely Dolaucothi Arms.  I love how film really captures these fabulous metal covered buildings that you find dotted around Wales.

The village hall

Enjoying lunch at the pub!

Nikon F100 on Kodak Tri-X 400

The Nikon F100 is the newest member to my ever growing camera collection.  I had previously being saving for a Hasselblad 503 CX but my budget just cannot stretch that far at the moment.

I started life with a Nikon system, so I had built up a nice collection of Nikon lenses that seems silly not to make the most of them.  In terms of Nikon 35mm cameras, there are many to choose from.  Although I love the look of the iconic F series - F3 etc..in terms of practicality, none of these would work well with my Nikon G series lens.  So, I'm left with three realistic options - the meaty F5, the sophisticated F6 or the more semi-pro body the F100.  Again cost being a major factor here I went for the F100.  If money was no object it would be the F6.  But then again if I wanted to spend that much (£600+) I might as well pursue the Hasselblad option.  

erm...film "selfie"

The cat thinks she is a pirate

The F5 is the real bargain in the group - in terms what you get for your money (about £200), but the fully pro-body makes it a heavy beast.  F100's go from about £80 to £300.  Although a little plastically, the one I bought from Greys of Westminster Nikon Shop (recommended) looks like it had never been used before.  The only downside of the camera is that you can't lock up the mirror which can cause vibrations when taking long exposure shots - but I've yet to try this myself.  Both the metering and the focusing speeds are good.

The sneeze....

The sneeze....

When the lights good, you get really sharp images

Poor light leaves you with lots of not unpleasant grain

Developing the film.....

Developing black and white film is really easy...getting good at it is another matter.

I've continued to use Paranol S as a one shot developer and started to get to grips with the timings and amount of agitation to develop certain types of film.  One site that I have found as a huge help has been the brilliant digital truth website - this site contains pretty much all combinations of films and developer combinations timings.  Although far from being competent, I'm starting to see steadily improving results.  Although dust remains my enemy and I'm not sure if I will conquer that battle.

Dust is not my friend! 

All images Copyright - David Rice

David is a photographer based in Carmarthenshire, West Wales.  When not with his family, he enjoys capturing images of the beautiful Towy valley.  His work can be seen at www.towyphotography.com and on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/towyphotography or a regular tweeter on twitter @caerwynt_loops.  He can be contacted by email towyphotograhy@gmail.com with any questions.