One lens that I've had never really considered getting until recently was a macro.  For a long time the cost of investing in such a lens (that would in reality only be used occasionally) had put me off, and most of my spare cash has been used to feed my lust for film cameras (Nikon F100 in the post as I type).

But due to a chance discussion on twitter with two talent photographers (who have offered some great advice on a number of photography subjects in the past), they directed me towards extension tubes.  Although I had heard of them before, I actually knew little of how they worked.  Although I'm still not entirely sure how, they do allow me to use my favourite nikon lenses and enable me to reduce the focusing distance between the lens and subject down to a few inches.

Thank you to John Williamson (@bigtalljohnny)  website: and Scott Matthews website: (@DefineTheLight) for the advice, and please check out their websites - both really talented and helpful individuals.

If you are interested, I ended up buying Kenko Extension Tubes  and by using the brilliant Nikon 70-200mm f2.8  I now have a series of macro options for around £120.  The following set of pictures are primarily "staged" and using tripod and a relatively long exposures given the f22 aperture settings.  I also love the effect of using split toning while editing these shots, it really bring out the textures in the subjects.

Given the dreadful weather of late, I think Macro photography is a good option while we wait for the sun to shine again.