Reeds in the river Towy - from a previous blog post

I've probably had dozens of ideas for photography projects over the last twelve months but none having got off the ground.  Although I don't think they are bad ideas, but must be a reason why I haven't taken them forward. 

Having listened to a number of interviews of accomplished Welsh photographers on the fantastic Ffoton website, a number things are apparent.  Firstly they are photographing subjects that they love and secondly they are not selecting projects of a list drawn up on a large mind map. Many seem to be formed due to a chance meeting with an object or a location that triggers some feeling or association with it. 

During a recent evening indoors, while the summer rain was gently falling on to the meadows outside, I re-read a previous blog entry about the Towy and while looking the photos (which doesn't happen much these days) thought to myself that this was the project that I need to develop further. 

Having recently listened to Matt Botwoods interview and the discussion around darkness and fear, this reminded me of the feel of fear and excitement while night fishing for Seatrout on the Towy.   If you have experienced the solitude at night with the anticipation of a fish take or being confronted by one of the many rivers inhabitants you will understand this .

My project is called River Scars.  

In another blog I will go on to describe the thinking behind the project in greater detail.  But the main objective is to capture the river and the objects found within it or close by.  Especially focusing on how the objects are weathered , move and altered by the sometimes fierce Towy.  This project will be a journey of both documenting the river as I see it, as much as the journey to a photographic and editing style.

One of the first images from my River Scars Project