OK….I've kinda been excited about this moment.  Today two processed films arrived back from AG Photolab containing my first ever two rolls of film taken on my Rolleiflex (purchased at Carmarthen Camera Centre).

I've only shot digital before so this was going to be a challenge my limited camera skills.

None of these pictures are going to win any photo prizes but I was still amazed at the quality, and to my relief the exposure aren't too bad either thanks to my light meter.

Of course the first shot with the black and white film is of my pet cat and incidentally the last shot on the colour roll was a dog!  The majority of the shots are more about me being desperate to finish the film and get it developed.  So these are more family snaps than great works of photographic art!

Appropriately that most of the pictures were taken at Lacock.  As I understand, at Lacock Abbey is the home of the oldest known surviving photographic negative, made by William Talbot in 1835.

The photos below are unedited and appear as they were developed and scanned by the lab hence the dodgy framing, horizons and focus in some examples.  I have removed my worst two - one include my finger in the frame.

The next step is to learn how to develop and scan my own film.  I'll keep you updated!  Love to know what you think! 


Ilford FP4 120 Roll Film (125)

Kodak Portra 400 Professional Film 120