This has been a bit overdue….most of my time has spent on a mini lambing  project or learning how to use a medium format analogue camera or just a lack of motivation – but both blog’s to follow soon.

April is almost here again and the hunting guns have long fallen silent as spring starts its slow return to the Towy Valley.  The fisherman of the valley who spent the whole of the winter looking at the river from a far, now start to walk their favorite beats to see what may have changed.

After moving to Wales I was amazed to how easy it was to access much of the water via local clubs.  Having spent the previous decade in Winchester where Salmon and wild trout fishing was well beyond my wallet.   Even more unlikely was to move in the circles of people that could get you bumped up the waiting list of club that had access to them.   

Here in West Wales Salmon and Sewin (Salmon) fishing is for everyone.  From the worm fisherman to the spey casting gentry, we all have an equal chance and opportunity of catching one of the most beautiful mysterious visitor to our rivers.

Sunday was the first time in about 5 months since I had last walked along my “home” beat.  Contrary to previous years the river hasn’t changed much over the winter, although I don’t this for granted once I am out and wading.  On my way down to the bank about 34 Whooper swans took flight but leaving the more un-startled mute swans on the ground below left.   These birds seem to be gathering in numbers during March before flying off to spend summer in and around Iceland. 

As I seemed to do more and more, I took my camera with me to take a few pictures of the river or try to capture its movement and force.  The river itself was much lower than expected considering the recent rainfall but would be perfect for fishing.

A Towy Snipe, glad to see the back of the shooting season

I sat on the bank of the first pool to try and take it all in.  But rather than relaxing my mind is sadly on other things.  Recently on the Towy there had been a tragedy near to the Carmarthen Town stretch of the river.  Unfortunately a young boy playing near to the river, fell in and hasn’t been seen since despite the considerable search effort by the emergency services.. 

In modern times I have probably become desensitised to news and events, but this had really struck a cord with my life and me.  Much of my childhood too was spent playing and fishing on rivers with my friends.  I really hope that this is something that my son, like me, will go on to enjoy too. 

I cannot begin to understand what the parents of this child are going through.  But I sincerely hope he will be returned back to them soon.