Dryslwyn Castle in the late winter sun

Dryslwyn is probably the poor relative in the Towy valley when is comes to Carmarthenshire castles.  It doesn't have the size or grandness of Dinefwr, nor the breathtaking beauty of Carreg Cennen further up the valley.

But what it lacks in grandness is made by its many other charms - great things come in small packages.  I am slightly biased of course, its the view I wake up to and drive past everyday. 


Mist and fog regularly sits in the Towy valley floor throughout the year

The site is owned and maintained by Cadw and is a short walk from the car park at the bottom of the mound.  There are limited ruins left these days and there is some uncertainty to it's actual original shape.  

Built some time around 1220 it was seen as important defensive position in the valley. It swapped ownership between various Welsh princes' during these early years until it was eventually taken control by the English about 1287.

Although little remains today, it is one of the few remaining Welsh built castles. More detail can be found  - http://cadw.wales.gov.uk/daysout/dryslwyncastle/?lang=en

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Early morning sun on the top of castle

At the top of the castle things are looking a little sparse at the moment.  Many of the sheep that normally inhabit the mound have been rounded up and taken down to the farm below - most likely for lambing which is already in full swing in the Towy Valley.

Later in the spring plants quickly grow including beautiful thistles with bright blue/purple flowers normally covered with honey bees.  It's a great place to see all sorts of birds including migrating Geese, Lapwings and Whooper Swans which are regularly seen.  Along with various smaller birds include nut hatches and tree creepers who can normally be spotted in the Car Park.



Looking South East in the morning sun. 

Paxtons Tower in the distance

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