This is a list of birds that I have seen within about a 250 yard radius of my home.   before anyone points out this isn't a complete list of all birds in the valley!

There are some really obvious ones missing and I don't know why I haven't got a picture of them - the Heron, crow, magpie, wood pigeon  and Jackdaw springs to mind because there are lots of them here.  There are a few more allusive ones though, the first is one of my favourite - the curlew.  Can been seen flying and its distinctive call can be heard at certain times of the year.

So here is my list so far! I'm no bird spotting experts so let me know if I get them wrong!

Little Grebe

These tiny birds often come close the house when the field is covered in flood water and they search for food in the flooded hedgerows.


This is the apex predator around here. I don't see them that often but on a number of occasions they have been successful hunting the plentiful Jacdaws. 

Mistle Thrush

A very pretty bird that I've not seen that often other than in late Autumn when they have sometimes gathered in numbers when the conditions on the hills isn't too good.

Greylag Geese

mainly winter visitors to the field often with a number of other breeds of geese. They often spend a month or two here grazing on the grass grown for silage in the summer. 

Great Egret

This is a new spot for me.  When I saw this flying over the house I originally thought it was a Heron because it was such a big bird, but then noticed it was all white. I was lucky to have my camera near by! 

Reed Warbler

Little Egrets

i remembering being young and these birds you would go to the zoo to see with the flamingos! Now these are common visitors seen all along the Towy. 


any gull experts out there?? I never know the difference! 

Barn Owl

this was a real treat of a spot! This is he first barn owl I've seen in the wild let alone close to where I live! 

Red Kite

what can I say about these beautiful birds? Although plentiful these days one of the most graceful birds out there. Iconic.

Common Sandpiper

again not 100% sure about the species here. But these birds are often seen on the Towy certain times of the year. 


Greater Spotted Woodpecker

a regular visitor to my feeders but very shy! I have two that appear on the nuts every day. 


Black Bird

Blue Tit


House Sparrow



Green Finch

Collard Dove

Snow Goose and a Barnacle Goose?

Mute Swan


Little Golden Ringed Plover




House Martin 

Great Tit

Another Mystery Gull

Sparrow Hawk

Ferral Pigeon


Missing from the list but regular visitors! Pictures to follow!

1.  Jacdaw

2.  Crow

3.  Whooper Swan

4.  Canada Geese

5.  Curlew

6.  Moorhen

7. Mallard Duck

8. Teal

9. Wagtail

10.  Goosander

11.  Swift

12.   Swallow

13.  Sandmartin

14.  Tree Sparrow

15.  Dunnock

16.  Tawny Owl

17.  Siskin

18.  Bull Finch

19.  Heron

20.  Wood Pigeon