…not really just some pictures of some mice.

Neither time and/or the weather seem to be on my side at the moment so I haven't taken many pictures of late.  

I have found that the reality of having a family is not necessarily that you have less time to do things like photography, but that the fact you prefer to spend all your free time with them.  But this is not to mean that I should start to use it as an excuse not to get out there with the camera.  

One of the initial reasons that I took up photography was primarily down to loosing immediate family members and the birth of my son.  I have strong loving memories of them all, but we have few nice recent photos of us as a family.  Although to the annoyance of my family these days, I am not going to exit this earth without leaving a photo or two.

Family time down on the coastal path Llanelli

OK…enough of that sentimental stuff.

I realise that to keep motivated I need an idea or a vision of what I want to achieve this coming year.  Although I'm not going to reveal what exactly my projects will be, they are all very much centred on and related to the Towy Valley.

I cannot claim to be born in the Towy Valley, Carmarthenshire or Wales - but I do call it my home and have a sense of belonging here.  I will admit that I am not fully up on it's history, although I know my little corner fairly well.

My little corner

To address this ignorance, I have started to research its recent history (or last 100 years or so).  To do this I have invested in a few books - although why I didn't use the library I'll never know.   They are as follows….

  • Black Book of Carmarthen (oldest known book in Welsh)
  • Beloved Tywi - Ken Day
  • Llandielo, Llandovery and the Upper Tywi Valley - Dyfed Cultural Studies Services Dept.
  • Carmarthen and the Lower Tywi Valley - Dyfed Cultural Studies Services Dept

Keep reading my blog (please) and hopefully my research will start to pay off and I'll have more to offer in the coming months!

I leave you with a couple of pictures of mice stealing my nuts (!)  Two photos taken in a week isn't that bad at the moment.

Mickey Mouse...

Minnie Mouse…...

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