The Landscape

The Towy valley runs through the middle of the Carmarthenshire countryside.  It includes numerous areas of scientific interest and protected habitats. With the Breacon beacons in the East and the Estuaries of West there are a wide range of environments to visit.  In addition to its natural beauty, it is home to many beautiful castles throughout the valley.

The Livestock

Agriculture continues to be an major  influence on the appearance and management of the valley.  Mainly seen as the home to diary farming with it's lush grass fields it's also home to a number of breeds of sheep especially on the higher grounds and mountains in the East.  Agriculture plays an important role not only on the land, it remains key part of the community and culture.

The Nature

From the iconic Red Kite to the more unusual visitors to the valley, wildlife is abundance throughout the year both above ground and below the water.  During the summer you will see the plovers return to the shingle banks along with the sand martins nesting in the steep banks.  Later in the Autumn we start to see the wild fowl return to their wintering areas on the grassy fields of the valley.